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Tara LeShawn Crawford

“We love and appreciate you so much! We are truly blessed by your wisdom, your humility and your Love! I thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance. We wouldn’t be where we are without you! You are such a rare gift to the world! I have NO idea how you have managed to stay so relevant! You ROCK in a major way and I’m so grateful God saw fit to bring you into our lives! Thank you, Apostle Dad, for pushing your girl into the place she’s called to be! I honor you!”


Emmanuel Allen

“Wow, what can I say about this Apostolic world changer!!! A true Apostolic father, Apostolic ambassador, Apostolic disrupter, Apostolic innovator, Apostolic theologian, Apostolic Genius!!”


Jacob Jared

“It's just been 2 years since we met but I feel like I have known you for many years. I have learnt and imparted so much from you. How blessed I am to be connected with such a great grace upon you sir! I feel so honored and privileged to know you, learn from you and minister with you. I don't take it lightly sir. I know I have a great future because the Lord connected me to someone with an ocean of wisdom and so many years of ministry experience traveling the world. My wife and I love and honor you greatly sir!”


Melvyn David

“Thank you Dad for your unconditional love, care, support, guidance, direction, mentoring, impartation and your fatherly covering over my life. We have pioneered 24 churches and ministries and are supporting 32 ministries in 12 nations. Learning from your journey of a basket full of experiences and adventures, inspirational thoughts and divine revelations, passion to serve, tenacity in the Spirit, purpose and destiny towards building and advancing the Kingdom of God to the nations, has elevated, matured, and drawn us closer to the Father’s heart. You taught us to see things with a right perspective, clarity and divine understanding. Your Father’s heart, multi-talents, drive and continuous fire ignites us to press on till the end. Your push in our lives has always helped us to stay on course towards fulfilling God’s calling, assignments and mission.”


Grace Kapswara

“When I first met Apostle Axel Sippach in East London, I kept looking at him with a corner of my eye just in admiration of the presence he carried. I remember calling my husband after the meeting and said to him I saw a man who looks like Jesus. When I ministered the following day, that was ten years ago, he said to me "Young girl you are so anointed and I will make sure you will be one of our Guest Speakers in Chicago ." I had never been to America before and I thought there goes another excitement of the moment but never to be followed through. When I went back to Zimbabwe I did not tell anyone because I knew there is no way I could be a Guest Speaker of such a huge conference in Chicago just after a one night preaching. I was not ready to be laughed at by the people around me. To my surprise after one month I received an email from him stating how he was serious and needed all my details so that the Visa process begins. He spoke to my husband and everything began to flow. To cut the story short, this short African girl landed in Chicago in June 2013, and the rest is history!!!!!! My tears running down my face as I write. Thank you Apostle Sippach for the doors you opened for me. Thank you for keeping your word. Thank you for showing me kindness. I LOVE YOU!”


Kidus Tekalign

“I had an amazing moment with Apostle Axel Sippach. An Apostle that impacts many lives, burdened for this country (Ethiopia) for about 37 years, traveling 95 countries and 14 million kilometers around the world just serving the kingdom of God, planting churches with such mighty grace and calling. Thank you, Apostle, for your time and the wisdom that you share me. It is priceless! God bless you!”


Johnna Nico

“What can I say about this amazing man of God. Truly he has inspired me to keep running and to finish STRONG in the LORD! He is such a blessing to the body of Christ and a great General in the Kingdom! It’s been a honor and a pleasure knowing you Apostle. Love you my friend!”


Dion Nesmith

I first met this amazing pioneer and trailblazer of apostolic ministry, Apostle Axel Sippach in 2005, while I would spend some time in Chicago around that time with many well-known apostolic voices gleaning and being sharpened for a new day. His fire and passion to see reformation and the world engulfed in fire has not changed... He came into my wife’s and myself lives at a very pivotal and hurting time in the beginning of the pandemic with wisdom and strength... In 3 years, the impact in our lives has been evident, tangible and very fruitful. He is cool, powerful, innovative, smart, learned, wise, a futuristic leader and a general and FATHER! Love You Pop!”


Johnny Ova

“One of the most influential men in my life, my spiritual pops Apostle Axel Sippach!  I have no clue where I would be in my life without this man. For a grown man, who did not even know me... to just pour into me... a struggling 25-year-old for yearrsssss .... he literally helped me out of my cave to where I am today. You are an inspiration to me and my family”


Ange and Tchitchi Bula

Today, I wish to honour the grace of God upon your life. We are truly blessed, being partakers of your years of sacrifices and ministry travels, years of altar building, years of acquired wisdom and understanding. We have been granted unmerited grace through your life and we will forever be thankful. Our encounter with you almost 3 years ago changed our lives and ministry forever. May you live long to see the fullness of you labour. We love and Appreciate you pops!”


Meredith Joel Cameron

There are those that are great spiritual fathers or mothers, but they don't have what the rest have, they don't have all the accolades and great platforms. But they have timeless wisdom, experience and history with God that we need as a younger generation. Then you have those that have all the great ministry platforms but really don't have a father’s heart. You can hardly receive any wisdom. You cannot father without relationship. The kingdom is about relationships. To me sonship doesn't begin with where you are taken but rather who you become. I am grateful for a man that is my spiritual father, Apostle Axel Sippach, that can direct and set me right on the track of what ministry is like. He doesn't just have timeless wisdom but a heart for a younger generation. He doesn't exalt himself, but yet he has graced with true biblical apostolic ministry beyond the four walls of the church. Stepped where very few stepped. A ministry that has impacted over 90 nations. I honour him not for what he has, or even where he has been. Or what he has built over the years and even accomplished. I honour him for who he is as a person. A father that can look beyond your short comings and see the you, you are meant to be. He pushes me to be better, he prays for and encourages me. Spiritual fathers are there to bring clarity to what you carry. They open doors, they break dimensions open. I honour such a man of God, a father to me – who can see what others don’t see in me. Apostle Axel Sippach a true general of the faith. God bless you dad.


Thapelo Kgabe

If there is a day to remember for the rest of my life and ministry it is yesterday, 22 September 2019. Indeed it came with a great honour to me, humbling moments indeed for #My_Spiritual_Leader, #Spiritual_Father, #My_Apostolic_Father, #My_Mentor and #My_Influencer. The Man that Encourages Me, he decided to come all the way from United States of America (USA) to South African (RSA) and to also affirm a young man like me to such a Great Honourable Office of the Apostles. It’s an honour to submit under such a Global Apostolic Father who travelled almost over 94 countries to date and over 9million miles all over the world doing the Apostolic work, discipling nations of the world and establishing The Present Truth across generations. Am honoured to have for past years till now and going forward submitting under such Greatly Graced Apostle, and I don’t regret any day of being under his leadership. It’s rare in this season to see fathers affirm their sons (especially this young breed of Apostolic 2.0) and releasing them to do what they believe God has called them to do. Thanks Daddy, Apostle Axel Sippach For the Love I receive daily from you as a Father.

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